Feed the Beast

Feed the Beast

The Beast needs to be fed. Fed with work and fed with revenue, without those things the Beast becomes weak, withers and eventually dies. Do you spend so long thinking about feeding the Beast that you feel perpetually behind? Projects pile up, clients get pushed back, held up, forgotten and sometimes lost. Constantly thinking more about what you have to do instead of actually getting it done.

Curious if I even need to say that the Beast is your business, or if you could hear the Beast begging to be fed. This doesn’t need to be the cost of doing business, the penalty that entrepreneurs must bare. This condition plagues us all, but it can be mitigated.

Of course the Beast needs to be fed, there are bills and mortgages and employees. Just when you’re starting to get ahead the printer breaks or Google decides that your website needs to be mobile optimized. There are so many little things that pile up around us, we sometimes forget how to feed the Beast. All of the sudden running the business has so many small components that the Beast isn’t getting fed as much or as frequently. So we start finding anything we can to throw at it, we become less tactical and less price sensitive. Eventually your time has so little value that the Beast cannot grow and you’re scrambling to keep it alive.

Stop compromising and find ways to focus on feeding the Beast properly. Work on finding the right food with the right margins. Stop spending time maintaining the Beast and start finding ways to build the Beast, train the Beast, grow the Beast. Eventually the Beast will start feeding itself. That’s when your Beast will turn into a Machine.

How do we get to that point? Well, it’s not easy. The hours are long and the work is hard, but we are more likely to find success sticking to the things that we do best. Find structure early on and build to scale, eliminate tedious, inefficient operational tasks and focus on feeding the Beast the most nutritional revenue you can find.

We can help you get there. Allow us to give the Beast a check up, recommend a training regiment, help implement a nutritional program and implement the components necessary to turn your Beast into a Machine!

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