Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Where are we now and where are we going?

Social Media Marketing is the process of gaining website traffic through social media sites.

Sounds incredibly simple doesn’t it? Truth is that Social Media can become something of a Time Vampire, sucking the life out of you as you work through each of the seemingly endless number of social media websites. Before that scares you away entirely, there is a way to beat the Time Vampire. It takes a little training and a lot of knowledge.

I won’t fill this entry with site statistics, especially when you can access them so easily through Google or by clicking here or here. I will share with you the fact that all Social Media sites are not created equal. Some are more appropriate for your business than others. Sites have a variety of demographics making up their user base and some continue to grow rapidly, while others have had their growth tempered.

As a business or organization looking to make an impact on Social Media it is vital that you do so with a plan. Without one there is a real possibility that you will end up victim to the dreaded Time Vampire, investing countless hours and receiving minimal or no return. I encourage you to explore, read, assess and plan your Social Media Marketing strategy, or call us at HoffPort, we are the Time Vampire Slayers after all.